The Blizzard Foundation...

is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that believes the game of baseball is an avenue to offering key life lessons to kids. The Blizzard Foundation is devoted to ensuring the game of baseball is accessible for all families. In addition, the Blizzard Foundation believes in empowering athletes to be outstanding citizens. This empowerment is done through the three legs of the Blizzard Foundation:

Since September of 2016, the Blizzard Foundation...

has made baseball accessible for 65+ families

The Blizzard Foundation believes all kids should have the opportunity to learn life lessons through the game of baseball. Whatever the reason, the Blizzard Foundation is able to provide assistance to make this possible.

has partnered with 10+ organizations

The Blizzard Foundation continues to partner with other organizations in the Twin Cities to best serve our community. We believe the more organizations we can partner with, the bigger impact we can make.

  has completed 850+ community service hours

Since its beginning, the Blizzard Foundation has provided opportunities for over 850 hours of community service. The majority of the time team volunteer opportunities are set-up. This allows for great team building while helping out the community.




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Our Mission

The Blizzard Foundation's mission is to serve and provide opportunity to youth and young adults via scholarship and education to inspire them to be outstanding citizens, students and athletes.

Our mission is carried out through various interactions within the community. We have started locally helping at food shelves, preparing meals at the Ronald McDonald House, helping mentor youth within the Miracle League organization, and also raising funds for baseball families in-need. The Blizzard Foundation has hopes to reach communities across the Midwest.

Currently, the Blizzard Foundation focuses on three objectives: helping families in need afford programming, honoring the life of Johnny Price IV through a college scholarship, and community outreach and service learning. In the future, the Blizzard Foundation hopes to provide a baseball complex for all ages and ability levels to participate and bond over the great game of baseball.