"I have the time to give back, and with all the support and stuff that has happened with our family, why wouldn't I give back." Those are the words from Austin Strantz as he kept score, engaged with the players, and managed the penalty box this past weekend for We Love to Play’s weekly gathering. Strantz’s name was at the top of the Blizzard Foundation’s volunteer list this past weekend. In December of 2016, Austin
Jordan and Pippin, Batman and Robin, PB and J. Some things just work well together! Another comparable pairing is a partnership the Minnesota Blizzard and The Miracle League have formed.The Miracle League provides children with special needs the opportunity to play baseball as a team member in an organized league. For the second time this year, the Blizzard Foundation connected the Miracle League with the Minnesota Blizzard. On December 31st, the Minnesota Blizzard stepped away

Strantz Family HIT-A-THON

The Blizzard Foundation understands that our baseball community expands further than our Blizzard families. Blizzard Baseball, Complete Game, and Great Lake Baseball are holding  a fundraiser for a family that lost their home to a fire recently. With the help of our good friends at Complete Game and Great Lakes Baseball Academy we are having a "HIT-A-THON" on Saturday January 7th from 3:00pm-6:00pm to help raise funds for the family. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Strantz family

Bastyrs Commit to CSP

The Condordia-St.Paul Golden Bears have added a set of twins to their 2017-2018 roster. These twins don't go by Minnie and Paul and won't be playing their home games at Target Field (yet). Ross and Ryan Bastyr are joining the Golden Bears next season after both signed their National Letter of Intent early last week. Although twins and living under the same roof, the recruiting process was a little different than one may have expected.
The Blizzard Foundation is happy to announce a partnership with the Miracle League. The partnership will start in November and will consist of the Minnesota Blizzard stepping away from practice a few times during the winter months to host the Miracle League for a few games. Brandy Eckman, director for Miracle League of Blaine, talked about what this partnership would mean. “A partnership with the Minnesota Blizzard will mean that our kids will have the
The Blizzard Foundation took some time over the long MEA weekend and sat down with longtime Blizzard player, Charlie ‘Bubba’ Horton. Bubba is currently a 2017 Minnesota Gopher commit. Bubba stands tall on the mound at 6’3” with great velocity from the left-side and a swing-and-miss type slider. Adam Barta, Blizzard Baseball Academy owner, knows Bubba has what it takes to play ball professionally. "Bubba has professional talent on and off the baseball field.  His work

Washburn High Standout

Michael Thomas is entering his third year as a Blizzard player. A junior at Washburn High School, Thomas is doing all he can to get ready to make an impact for the Blizzard this year. A firm believer in Kaizin (Blizzard Big 5), Thomas believes in everyday improvements to reach an ultimate goal. “I’ll be the first person to tell you that there are still many things I struggle with as a catcher,” Thomas continued,
"Bear." Schreiber answered without hesitation. He continued. "They are big, yet fast, a good combo. They also have big arms so that would help a lot." The excitement and promptness Schreiber used when answering the ice-breaking question are the same characteristics 9u Gold coach, Derrick Pfeffer, used to describe Mason Schreiber. "Mason is always excited to be at the ball field, during warm-ups, his at-bats, on the field, or even cheering on his teammates on the

Ben Healy: Spotlight Player

Ben Healy can be found wearing his shark tooth necklace every night to bed before a big game. “My only superstition I have is my necklace,” Healy said. "The first night I wore it to bed I had a pretty good game the next morning. After that, I just wore it when I needed a little extra.” It is a necklace that traveled from Mexico that seems to give Ben the extra edge he needs