Dylan Dresel - December 2017

“You get what you work for.”

Dylan Dresel smiled and continued to expand on the best life advice he’s ever received.

“My parents have always preached about having a strong work ethic. That’s what [has] resonated with me the most because it truly translates to all aspects of your life. You have to work for what you want.” Read More


Dresel’s strong work ethic on the baseball field shows in his Mankato State Maverick stats, as captured in msumavericks.com. Dresel, a three-year letter winner from Chisago City, Minnesota, has batted .319 with a .384 on-base percentage, .527 slugging percentage, 179 hits, 27 doubles, six triples, 45 walks, 143 RBI and 128 runs scored in 157 games played – 154 starts. Equally impressive is his work ethic off the field.

As a business management major, Dresel has to be on top of his game managing his time wisely; juggling group projects, homework, studying, and internships are especially challenging for collegiate athletes. Maintaining a GPA and RBI requires drive, discipline, and energy.

“Baseball has taught me countless life lessons over the years [like] how to work hard, work with others, and how to deal with challenges.”While he hasn’t yet settled on a career choice, Dresel – who grew up working in a family owned business – naturally gravitates toward the idea of running a business, possibly his own. Whatever the case, he can’t picture giving up baseball.  For him, it’s far more than a hobby or potential career.

Dresel expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to play baseball and credits baseball for much of his success.

“Baseball has made me into the person I am today. Baseball is a game of failure; you’re going to fail more than you will succeed. These “baseball lessons” have translated to lessons for 

my life.”

When Dylan isn’t on the diamond or tucked in the campus library completing a project, he finds time to give back to the Mankato community. Coach Magers of Mankato State provides opportunities for his players to make a bigger impact.

“We are able to give back by spreading our passion and knowledge for the game of baseball to youth players. Our program hosts multiple camps with the focus on growing the campers as people just as much as players.”

But, Dresel does even more than volunteering his time at camps. He attends public events around the city of Mankato to help out where needed, and has spent time helping those less fortunate. He gives credit to the Blizzard Big 5 for his even-keeled attitude and suggested younger baseball players adopt this mindset sooner, rather than later.

“Your attitude, effort, and preparation have to be there every day. Life and baseball are full of ups and down. Staying focused on what you can control will help you roll with the punches.”

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Cole Weber - January 2018

When the Spring of 2019 rolls around, Cole Weber will have logged 4-years as a starter on the ball field for West Lutheran High School. As a freshman, Weber came into West as the number one catcher on the depth chart and even saw some innings on the mound. Weber's vision is to play baseball through college but ultimately end up back in the classroom. Read More


"I never not have fun playing the game. Baseball for me has brought great memories and has built lifelong friendships for me." Weber beamed from ear to ear as he continued to share." I have been playing baseball since I was little and want to play in college."

Weber plans to attend Martin Luther College [New Ulm, MN] in pursuit of a becoming a teacher.

"I will play baseball as long as I can, but I know my calling is much bigger than that. I love being able to help people and give back to others and this path will allow me to do that."

Already community-minded as a junior, Weber spends the free time he can find giving back.

"I help out at the Wise Penny in Buffalo. They are a little thrift shop that helps schools or churches raise money, all we have to do is help sort through and stock donations that come in. It is fun to spend a few hours there especially if you have a group of friends working with you."

A Buffalo native, Weber does more than just work at the Wise Penny to help his town out.

"I have neighbors that need help raking leaves or clearing their driveways after it snows. It is easy for me to give back by helping them out or doing it for them. Plus, it allows me to get out of the house and get a work-out in."

Weber has called Buffalo home his entire life and gives credit to his town for his deep roots and love for the game.

"I started playing baseball when I was 3 years old and have played through the entire system and this year will be part of the Buffalo VFW team."

Regardless of what team Weber is playing for he continues to be such a vital lifeline to that team. He prides himself on sharing his mindset with whoever is around him.

"You win games and you lose games. That is always going to happen, but what is most important is if you are [growing] as a player in-between games."

The Blizzard Foundation is proud to recognize Cole Weber for his accomplishments and outstanding qualities. If you have a baseball player to be recognized for their achievements off the field, visit theblizzardfoundation.org. Nominations and past winners can be found using the Spotlight of the Month tab.